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Johar Amor
Outgrow all your lives 🚀 | Neurodiv Multipreneur for Accessibility & SusDev 🌍 | | It’s about humanity ✨
No-one like stumbling in the dark searching for something that may just be really badly defined.

Are you HR considering me for a job? If this article concerns you, maybe your company needs some updating.

(I’ve always been a Moonshot Guy, so what the hell have I been living?!)
Poetic thoughts about self-inflicted workaholic’s fatigue/mania
My wallpaper this evening as I write with shutting, burning eyes.
  • You can always do something for someone that takes little to no effort for you yet means the world to them. Daily! Just look for it and you’ll find it.
  • Didn’t want to be on camera much. Also, may be killing our Internet, oops.
Starting early with the write-up today 👌


Screenshot of right now as I finish this article and press “Publish” 👍 👍 👍
(img: from; watermarked Dylan Frames)
image (CC): partial set from the TV series “Friends”

Johar Amor

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